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(Part IV) The Beauty of Truth


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Continued from Part III…

Making the Shifts. From Conflict to Peace. From Ugliness to Beauty. My experience.


During the unfolding of the perfection of my life. Through the hills and valleys, across the mountains and into the deep dark depths of my soul is one of the most extraordinary truths I have learned. It is summed up in a quote attributed to Jesus in a book called Love Without End, Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green. Here is the quote in its entirety:


History repeats itself, generation after generation, because of judgment and denial, which create ruptures in the flow of life. The universe fills the ruptures quickly with the very thing your objections denied.


What is being communicated to us here is a very clear insight into how life works and how unconsciously we cause the realities we call our life experiences. Essentially — based on our separate sense of self — our ego perspectives cause ruptures in a perfect flow and then the substance of the universe fills those ruptures causing the appearance of our inner thoughts and feelings to actually manifest in form. Isn’t that incredible! I was never taught that in school. Were you?


So it is the restoration of perfect flow that we need to be concerned with. That is the discipline of the Spiritual Warrior. There is an old saying that says that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and that is why our internal awareness, our sense of self, needs to be very keen.


My early sense of self was rooted in the cold, windy farmlands of the shire of Lincoln and is well summed up in this poem, which appears in a couple of my books.


Twas in the lonely years of flat Lincolnshire fields where as a boy I ran wild and free, that I dreamed the dreams of the man I wished so much to be.  The wind blew cold and men grew old and talked of things that only their eyes could see.  Frosty mornings would bite, rain poured day and night, but no other place did I wish to be.  The fields my home, a river my teacher and my best friends were trees and dogs.  My favorite music was the morning birds and the sound of burning logs.  I felt so alive, full of joy, happy just to be; not even the bullies with kick and punch could knock that joy from me; but the most important thing a young lad needs, in his home to keep him growing… The River of Love, where this young fish swam, was slowly, slowly, slowing…

Fires of anger burned in the eyes of the man who called me his son; my mother was sad, their love was cold and froze in the years to come.  His temper was short, his words were cruel and cut my heart with the ease of a knife; my pain and fear then turned to spite and ’twas my brother with whom I did fight.  All were deafened by the words of things that never were said, they spoiled a love that hardly lived, and the family life was dead.  I was in a world I loved so much but with which I would not deal, and confused by things I did not know, yet inside of me could feel.  The tears I struggled to keep inside watered the wish in me, to find my Self, to be the man, someday I knew I could be; so I said goodbye to those I loved but never really knew and wandered far from the fields where a lonely boy had grew.  Many a year I carried the pain and dreamed of feeling peace again and as I grew I understood, we only did the best we could; we can only teach what we’ve been shown and lessons of Love we’d hardly known. So I forgave us all and released the ghosts that haunted me from coast to coast. And I hope one day all will see a simple Truth plain to me:

Now is the time to teach old and young lessons of love, so the river can run.

My journey has been about using the sensitivity of growing up in violent circumstances, and fostering them in a positive and constructive way. As someone journeys within themselves, they will find their love of life, that eternal wellspring of natural goodness we all possess inside. One’s only real responsibility is to exist from that wellspring as often as one can. The more I am immersed in union and communion with the Living waters of Truth and Goodness within me, the more capable I am of expressing those qualities in the world. Moreover, the more in the flow I am with my true inner nature, the more in the flow I can be with the nature of life.

Life truly is a wonderful, wonderful journey. If you are not experiencing it as such then I would advise you to dissolve all judgment and denial and also heal the ruptures that exist in your soul because of so much ego-centered functioning in the world. What we are talking about is something much more significant than your personal stuff. It is the cultural condition in fact, an archetypal problem, which exists on a  mythological level within us, deep inside the psyche of the consciousness of humanity. Being a warrior of consciousness, a gentle warrior, requires living from immense depth. It also requires a very high degree of awareness, self-discipline and mastery.

Essentially walking The Beauty Way is the most simple way to live. When one literally breathes the beauty of peace, one is truly an ambassador of the beauty way because one has uncovered the wellspring of eternal boundless within them and has experienced deep personal forgiveness and self-acceptance for long enough into those living waters until the currents of the psyche have become pure again.

This is the mission of the modern day super hero. It requires a tremendous tenacity, sense of purpose and will. To dive to the very depths of the soul takes a strong heart. Take a breath with me now and commit to going a little deeper on that journey within. There is simply nothing in the material world that can compare. As you become more and more liberated of the chains of misconception and free of the shackles of discontent, you shall see, that indeed, the world is a very kind and fabulous place.

To be continued…

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