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The Top 5 Ways to Be Depressed & Ruin Your Life (and how to avoid them!)

How high is your happiness thermometer? If it’s not as high as you would like, let’s see if we can get it higher by understanding yourself more and using the protection tip at the end of this article.

We are all given the opportunity to make decisions every day and what’s very puzzling is many people appear to be fully bent on creating and defending their suffering. At the same time, others are fully committed to finding and enhancing their happiness. Which one are you?

We all have a capacity to filter out what we see, hear, smell and taste. In fact, about 99.9% of the information coming into our senses is deleted and only a tiny fragment of it remains available to us consciously. In other words, we are not experiencing the world as it is – but only a glimpse of what is going on.

TOP TIP Number 1: Bitch all the time. Become an expert in noticing problems and complain about them loudly to people who will listen.

If you really want to stay in constant misery, depression, low energy, irritation and boredom, here’s how: Make sure you pay special attention to all the things that are wrong with your life (and ignore the rest with a passion). See everything you don’t like in vivid detail until you feel even worse. Then really feel the negative feelings and focus on them all day.

Once you’ve done that, think about everything that is wrong over and over like an endless movie; again, and again and again until you are either deeply depressed or angry and then complain about everything you don’t like to as many people as you can. Verbalize your complaints at every given opportunity. Use your words as an affirmation of how terrible your reality is. Be sure that the persons you complain to and bitch about things with are also avid bitchers. Then you can really get each other going and amplify the problem as much as possible!

Create loyal bitching groups  who meet over coffee or in a bar. As a special tip: make sure that you always find someone or something other than you who is to blame for all these “terrible” things that you are avidly focusing on – and make sure that you are never at fault (even if you are). If there is any glimpse of responsibility on your head in anyway, find a way to wiggle your way out of it and blame it on someone else, your parents or your health.

Never take responsibility for your life, your mind or your health. If you find that a particular problem is no longer juicy enough to really get you upset, you can go ahead and notice a few more terrible things to occupy your mind and time. Make sure to be super busy and keep all of these negative events (preferably things that you have no control over) spinning around and round inside you until you are so angry or upset you either bust into tears or smash something. Preferably smash something that is precious to someone else and then blame them for making you angry about it and complain about how bad they are and how it’s all their fault. Another effective option for guaranteed misery is to fundamentally believe you don’t deserve to be happy because of some compelling religious reason. If you always think you will only be happy after this, that and the other has happened, then you will successfully avoid good feelings and happiness your whole life.

It’s important to make sure you are in the right company for your mission. Go out and get worked up about all these things that you are victim to with those who are equally upset and also believe themselves to be victimized. Avoid the company of positive people who may try to show you another way of seeing it. Repeat this special technique until you die of cancer or another disease that you can complain about until your last breath.

I hope you found this tip useful. It has proven to work very effectively for many millions of people and it will work just great for you too! Remember, practice makes perfect.

What to do if you want to avoid this?

If you’re ready to avoid this constant misery, notice all the good things in your life. Feel gratitude in your heart. Surround yourself with people and books that help you see the perfection of life. Become an expert in noticing joy. Share with others all the joys of life until nothing is left except appreciation and a deep sense of gratitude. Deeply accept that you are the Creator of your life, and your nature is happiness and peace. Even in times of “miss-fortune” see the perfection in everything that is happening. Find the blessing in the curse. Breathe deeply, and hold the vision of what you want, and experience that state very often with full focus and concentration.




(Michael Mackintosh)


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Michael Mackintosh
A profound interest in the sheer wonder of life since a young age has inspired Michael to pursue a life he calls, living in Magic. This involves a deep understanding and appreciation of life as an interconnected whole.

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