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7 Tips To Wake Up In The Morning Before 5am

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If you are not getting up before 5am and sleep in, don’t meditate, contemplate, be in the silence and pray, breathe, yoga, qi gong, dance, go for a walk, listen to the birds, watch the sun rise, you miss the greatest part of the day. You miss a time of the day when most people are sleeping. Most people are not adding with their thoughts, their collective consciousness, with their frustrations, stress, ego desires, with the recordings and patterns into the ethers at that time.

The mind is like a receiving and transmitting station of thought, just like a radio station, we are broadcasting all the time but also receiving all of the time. Early in the morning things are very quiet, that means the ethers, like an ocean of energy, an invisible ocean, it becomes very still like a still lake, in that stillness there is a natural vibration that is being transmitted, you can call it the spirit of life, its very natural for us in the early morning for us to tap into that natural, pure, unadulterated spirit, with nobody elses radio station blasting into it. If you get up early in the morning you can catch those peace waves.

If you don’t do that, you feel frustrated and you don’t get the nourishment that the soul is yearning for and you just get on with your day and there is a feeling of something missing that translates to lots of desires during the day, from the ego, there is a yearning that we misinterpret with a desire for food, seeking someone outside of ourselves, to make us feel better, we might be dreaming materialistically about having more money, that we are living in Hawaii or on vacation, or if we had a new car etc.

All these desires are born out of an innate lack of inner peace, a lack of being nourished by what we truly need as spiritual beings. Spiritual beings can never be nourished by anything physical or material. We have to be nourished by something invisible. Immaterial, something spiritual, our spirits source and that is the source of all life and it exists in the silence and the peace. So if you do find ways to wake yourself up early in the morning, you can meditate you get that nourishment.


How do we do it and wake up feeling fresh?

  1. Go to bed early
  2. Go to bed on an empty stomach. Don’t have the heaviest or most complicated meal of the day in the evening. Have the main meal of the day in the daytime.
  3. Just drink in the evening. Have tea, smoothies, herbal teas, soups
  4. Go to bed relaxed having done some meditation, some silent contemplation, read some high frequency spiritual literature, scripture, some creativity, but nothing that stimulates your mind
  5. Don’t watch violent movies or stimulating entertainment,
  6. Don’t eat foods that stimulate or intoxicate, like psychoactive drugs that can agitate you
  7. Stretch. A good one is to just from standing up, bend at the waist and letting your body drop like ice cream melting and falling down a cone in the summer


If you can do all the above, do spiritual practise, get into some nourishing peace giving practises in the evening. Stretch, breathe and calm yourself then its a lot easier to wake up in the morning and get up before 5am. And that really is the key to how to wake yourself up early, is how you set it up the night before. When you do wake up early in the morning, do your morning practise and carry out your day that is conducive to supporting that peace.

That means achieving your goals, be clear about your life purpose, get on track with your life, do things that really excite you, turn you on, what you are passionate about. Do the things during the daytime that really nourish you , spend time in nature, with close friends, express yourself creatively through music, art, and make sure you live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Main things to remember are to have your main meal in the daytime, taper off before you go sleep, make sure you are in a really peaceful state. Start getting up progressively earlier. If you are used to getting up at 8am, the get up at 7am, if you normally get up at 7am then get up at 6am, but make sure you are getting the right amount of rest before you start getting up before 5am.

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